Paddleboarding in Northeast Florida

A Guide to Paddleboarding in Northeast Florida

Discover the Best Places for Paddleboarding in Northeast Florida

When it comes to stand up paddleboarding (SUP), few things beat the beauty and tranquility of Northeast Florida. From its secluded white-sand beaches to its winding rivers and lakes, this coastal region offers a variety of stunning locations for paddleboarding in Northeast Florida for SUPers of all skill levels. So if you're looking for some amazing places to paddleboard in Northeast Florida, here are some of the top spots:
  1. Amelia Island - With its crystal clear waters, wide open spaces and picturesque coastline, Amelia Island is a great spot for SUPers just starting out. It's also great for experienced paddlers who want to explore the island by sea. By the way, Amelia Island is a special place to us. It was during our 15th anniversary trip to Amelia Island that a hotel staff member suggested visiting St. Augustine. 
  2. Intracoastal Waterway - This mangrove-lined waterway features quieter waters and plenty of safety throughout your journey. You can follow the Intracoastal's meandering route down to Jacksonville or further north towards Fernandina Beach. If you're new to paddleboarding, the intracoastal waters can be the best places to get your sea legs (err..paddle board legs).
  3. St. Johns River - One of the longest rivers in Florida, this river offers plenty of SUP opportunities that take you through marshlands and remote islands teeming with wildlife. The St Johns River is perfect for any SUP enthusiast looking for an adventure on their trip down south! And did you know that the St. Johns River is one of two rivers in the world that flow south to north? Can you name the other?
  4. Crescent Beach - Crescent Beach is one of the most popular SUP spots in Northeast Florida due to its calm waters, soft sand beaches and tranquil views along the shoreline. For those looking for a peaceful paddleboarding experience, this is definitely one destination not to miss! And you never now what you'll find on the beaches. In November 2020 after a tropical storm, a civil war cargo ship was uncovered. They later determined in add likely wrecked on the beach in the later 1800's.
  5. Little Talbot Island State Park: This state park is located near Jacksonville and has crystal-clear waters that are perfect for paddleboarding. As an added bonus, you can also explore trails, beaches and other outdoor attractions. This is one location we have yet to personally paddleboard, but we hear amazing things about this beautiful park.
  6. Amelia Island State Park: Located off the coast of Fernandina Beach, this park boasts miles of secluded shoreline and features rich estuarine habitats which make it a great place to explore on a SUP board. If you read number one, you know we are partial to anything Amelia Island related.
  7. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park: This beachfront park in Jacksonville offers more than 30 acres of natural opportunities for paddlers looking to get away from crowded tourist spots.
  8. The Matanzas Inlet: This beautiful coastal area near St. Augustine offers a unique opportunity to explore the inlet with its clear, calm waters and amazing views. With plenty of wildlife and excellent paddling conditions, Matanzas Inlet is an exciting destination for both beginner and experienced stand up paddle boarders alike!

No matter where you choose to go paddleboarding in Northeast Florida, stand up paddleboarding can be an incredible way to explore nature and have fun with friends or family along your journey!

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