Vilano Beach, Florida

Things to do in Vilano Beach Florida

Suppose you’ve never heard of it before. In that case, Vilano Beach Florida is a tranquil and gorgeous beach north of St Augustine’s historic district. It is commonly regarded as a hidden gem. Vilano Beach has a beautiful community feel since many of its visitors are local or in a proper search of seeing the best of Florida’s natural beauty. With no on-beach parking and very rare on-beach driving, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a piece of Florida with the people who actually live there. However, there is much more to do there than simply lie back and relax. Therefore, I have compiled some of the best attractions and things to do so that you can really make the most out of your trip.

  • Rent a paddle board. First of all, there are some fantastic places around Vilano Beach in which you can simply rent your own paddle board and head out by yourself. This grants you the independence to try out new places and spend as long as you like out on the water. While using weather apps to work out if the wind and wave size is reasonable enough for your ability, sometimes expert help can be handy. Therefore, renting from a paddle board shop also allows picking their brains about the water you’re heading into. Both seated and stand up paddle boarding are popular in this area. Still, again, it depends on what your ability level is. Vilano Beach is famous for its superb sunsets that split the sky into breath-taking colors. Watching this happen from your paddle board is a truly magical experience. Suppose you’re lucky enough to own a waterproof camera. In that case, it makes the most unreal photo opportunity to share with your friends or on Instagram. Regardless of where they are or what they’re doing, it will make them want to drop their plans and come and join you.

  • Try surfing. Since Vilano Beach has such consistently sound waves for surfing, this has to make a list. Its southwest wind and a mixture of groundswells and wind swells make this a perfect place to surf all year round. However, the best waves tend to be found throughout the summer months, particularly in July. You can take lessons at Vilano Beach or find boards that you can rent out and try for yourself. Since Vilano Beach is mainly visited by locals, if you are new to the area or a tourist, make sure that you stick to beach etiquette and be courteous. This means no dropping in or snaking, making sure you leave the beach immaculate and being generally polite and friendly to others in the water. There is a strong community in this area, so it is essential to be on the right side of them.

  • Explore the town. The town of Vilano Beach is charming and quite funky! It has an undeniable character and sense of uniqueness, with an art deco-tiled fountain and retro-style pier. St Augustine is merely miles away, and elements of its Spanish heritage and historic buildings have indeed seeped into Vilano. It maintains the image of an old beach town while still hosting a wide variety of different motels for people to stay in during their trip. Furthermore, there are countless delicious eateries to head to after a day at the beach. Some of the most popular ones are Vinny’s Pizza, Fire Wok, and Beaches at Vilano. Beaches at Vilano actually benefit from a waterside view and create a ‘Caribbean Island' atmosphere with its music, great food, and friendly staff.

  •  Relax/take a picnic. With plenty of picnic benches lining the beach, a great idea would be to grab some refreshments from the shop and bring them down to the beach for the day. Alternatively, you could get a takeaway pizza from any local restaurant and bring it down to enjoy in the sunshine. Vilano Beach is perfect for relaxing, with its white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and fantastic weather. The bright sunshine means you can top up your sun tan surrounded by gorgeous scenery and take in the rare and exotic wildlife in its natural habitat as you do so. 

  • Horse ride. It is a lifelong dream of many to ride a horse along a beautiful sandy beach, feeling as if you are literally painted on an English postcard. Vilano Beach has all of the facilities to make this dream a reality. From horse riding in large groups to equestrian to high-performing horses, private tours of the beach, or small children’s beginner lessons, there is an option for all to fulfill their horsing desires. Again, this is a great photo opportunity to impress your friends back home. If you prefer not to, it is a beautiful chance to sit back and enjoy the moment.  

  • Go fishing. With a fantastic pier, and plenty of fishing boats, this is an ideal place to cast your line. People have claimed to have caught flounder, whiting, red drum, black drum, snapper, flounder, and much more from Vilano Beach. With the reliably stunning weather, it would make a gorgeous daytime activity, and an even more excellent evening activity is grilling your catch of the day. Vilano Beach is famous even for those who are relatively new to fishing. The beautiful pier and wide variety are available to catch, making it an excellent place for people to dip their toes in the water for fishing.

So hopefully, this has shed some light on the different ways you can enjoy Vilano Beach. Whether you’re heading down as a family, with friends, or even on a solo trip, there is plenty to do! If you are already considering a trip to Florida, I would highly recommend St. Augustine and the spots such as Vilano Beach that surround it, due to the wide variety of fun experiences. So go ahead and get planning!

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