Where to Eat in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Guide to Eating Out

Eating is a big part of any vacation, and St. Augustine offers plenty of delicious options to choose from after a day on the water paddleboarding. From seafood to barbecue, there’s something for everyone in this historic city. Here are some of our favorite places to eat in St. Augustine.

  • Prohibition Kitchen. This place has all the vibes for a good time with a group of friends, with your partner, or even your own. The live music here is fantastic and designed to make your meal extra spectacular. Live music is not all, as countless unique entertainment acts are spread throughout the month, such as magicians, special shows, and entire celebratory evenings for Halloween or dia de los Muertos. The food is hearty pub-grub style, with lots of delicious additional sauces and sides to craft your best meal after being in the water all day.

  • Llama restaurant. For something, a little special, or a lovely occasion, Llama restaurant in St Augustine would be a top recommendation from all who have visited. This immersive experience into Peru's tastes and flavors genuinely strives to take your tastebuds on a journey through Peruvian cultures and influences. This is said to relax you and allow you to properly unwind. While this may sound a little fancy for a bite to eat after paddleboarding and letting your mind properly rest on your board, what could be better than continuing that into the cuisine afterward?

  • The Floridian. Especially if you are not from the area and have decided to trip down to St Augustine to see the sights and try out the water sports, the Floridian offers an innovative southern experience focused on local and sustainable produce. Their menu constantly changes throughout the seasons to use the freshest and most locally sourced food available, reflecting their dedication to continually crafting their best menu. Personally, on hearing something like that, and given its fantastic coastal location, I would head straight to the fish on the menu. Additionally, there are plenty of thirst-quenching cocktails (with some interesting Florida-style names), local craft beers, and IPAs. All of which will go down a treat after paddleboarding.

  • Burrito Works Taco Shop. Located just off the beach, the burrito world in St Augustine makes some of the most taste-tantalizing Mexican food, which can be the ideal meal when you are literally straight out of the water. Some of the locals' favorite items on the menu are the carne asada-loaded fries and the Baja-style fish tacos. Not only are these warm and salty, which is just what you need after a day of exercising, but the cheesy, Mexican goodness can be just stodgy enough to hit the spot and leave you feeling extra satisfied.

  • Conch House Marina Resort. Again, this restaurant is committed to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to craft its menu. What sets Conch house apart from the rest is that it is arguably one of the best Caribbean-influenced restaurants in the whole of St Augustine. Not only this, but its decking has a perfect view of the boats on the inlet, which is always satisfying to look out on, knowing that you have spent your time out on the water that day. The jerk chicken egg rolls are famous on the menu, served with a spicy yet sweet pineapple and datil pepper sauce on the side. What could be better for refueling your body?

  • Gas Full Service. If you are exhausted and want to simply gorge on consistently good comfort food, this is the one for you. Skip McDonalds and head to Gas Full Service. Every burger is hand-made, stuffed, and filled with whatever you may desire, then sizzled on a diner-style hot deck. You can expect supreme portions, which may be enough to share between the two, or perhaps if you’re feeling you’ve put in enough work that day, you can enjoy one to yourself! They’re succulent, juicy, decadent, and hearty. Stopping off at different diners through American road trips is a great way to get to know some locals and learn a little about the food in that area. 

Paddleboarding and food are just two of my favorite topics, so hopefully, this has shed some light on where to head to in St Augustine after a long day out on the water around St Augustine is a magical place, so make sure you are doing it (and your body) justice by stopping into one of the independent places mentioned here, which also does your bit for the local tourist economy!

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