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Where to Paddleboard in Florida

Paddleboarding is quickly growing as one of the most popular water sports across the United States. An inclusive, relaxing, and stimulating activity, you certainly can’t blame people for jumping on the bandwagon!

Where to go?

With perfect weather and glorious views from the water, Florida has been named several times as the best location for stand up paddleboarding, so if you are thinking of booking a trip, I would most definitely add it to your itinerary.

But once you get to Florida, where do you go?

We’ve got you covered.

St. Augustine - A personal favorite, Florida’s oldest city has to get the number one on our list. The rich history of St Augustine is phenomenal, with beautiful Spanish architecture everywhere, such as Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Fort Matanzas, and many more must-see attractions for history lovers. Paddleboarding around these ancient wonders is truly fantastic. St Augustine’s is also home to a multitude of exquisite eateries, colorful alleyways, and rare wildlife, and you can choose from countless places to stay, suited to your needs.

Destin Harbor - The thriving nightlife of Destin Harbor makes this a hard one to say no to, especially for young people and groups of friends. The gulf waters around here are usually gorgeously clear and smooth, making it easy to spot what could be lurking underneath! Like St Augustine, Destin Harbor is home to a huge array of wildlife to paddleboard alongside, although it is particularly known for having the largest charter fishing fleet in the country. Therefore, if you’re keen to try stand up paddleboarding fishing, this is definitely the most ideal location.

St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg and the Clearwater area are ideal for paddleboarders due to their prime location of the bay on one side and the gulf on the other. Not only is this fantastic for sunsets while out in the water, but it boasts of beautiful water and such perfect weather that it has been nicknamed ‘sunshine city.’ You will never be bored around here, as the attractions are numerous, from boating right to the Dali museum on the waterfront, meaning visitors are endlessly entertained.

Miami Beach - Why not take a trip into the city and combine sightseeing with a water adventure? Miami’s glistening skyline is an incredible view while out on the water, and the nightlife you can enjoy afterward is undisputedly great. The city is a great place to go with a large group too, as everyone will find something they enjoy, even if (for some obscure reason) they are not into paddleboarding.

South Walton - Beautifully quiet with picturesque landscapes, South Walton is a contrast to Miami; but is not without its attractions! Its 26 miles of white sand beaches, pristine turquoise water, and elegant eateries make South Walton is a popular wedding location, and world-renowned for its natural, scenic beauty.

Wait no longer and book a trip!

With such a range of fantastic locations to paddleboard, your next step is obvious… Florida waits for you.

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