Matanzas Inlet Paddle Board Rental

Are you visiting the Saint Augustine area and looking to get out on the beautiful waters of the Matanzas Inlet? Renting a paddle board is a great way to enjoy the Florida sun and explore one of Florida’s most beautiful cities from the water. Rent a convenient, premium inflatable paddle board here. With free delivery and pickup, inflatable boards are extremely portable, easy to handle, and effortless to ride. Come enjoy your Matanzas Inlet paddle board rental.

Paddleboarding is easy to pick up and very beginner-friendly! Regardless of your skill-level, there are many ways to get the most out of a paddle board rental in northeast Florida. The Matanzas inlet specifically is a great way to get started. The Matanzas inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Matanzas River. It is a beautiful bay with shallow waters, lots of wildlife, and wonderful views. Even on a windy day, the Matanzas Inlet and neighboring areas of Florida’s intercoastal can be fairly calm and easy to paddle. The inlet is less choppy than the ocean waves and great for beginners.

Parking can be hard to come by at Florida’s beaches and parks, but the Matanzas Inlet has not one, but two of its own designated lots on either side of A1A. Parking at the inlet should not be a hassle like at other Florida waterways, especially if you arrive early in the morning! The Matanzas Inlet parking lots are very close to the water on both sides, ensuring quick and easy access to the water.

Matanzas Inlet Paddle Board Rental

Renting an inflatable paddle board is a fantastic way to get out on the intercoastal and the Matanzas River via the inlet. The inlet is just one of the many places in the area to pull off the side of the road and launch into the water. Few things are easier than parking the car by the ramp, unloading and pumping up your conveniently packed paddle board, and getting out on the water. It should take no longer than 10 minutes, even for a beginner!

The Matanzas Inlet also features the historic Fort Matanzas National Monument, a stone fort from the Spanish colonial era of Florida that was built in the 18th century and is still standing even today! The National Park Service offers a ferry to the fort itself, which is located on Rattlesnake Island, but you can skip the waiting and the hassle by simply hitting the water and getting there yourself on a standup paddle board. There is plenty of exploring to do on the island and around the fort, and it’s not every day you get to see a structure built in the 1700s here in Florida!

The Matanzas Inlet area hosts some beautiful beach homes to gawk at and quaint oceanside stays if you are from out of town. The wildlife is something to behold and historic Old Town Saint Augustine is just a short drive. The inlet is a great place to spend a day on a paddle board. Watch the sunrise over the ocean before getting on the paddle board early in the morning to beat the heat, or, spend an afternoon on the water and enjoy watching a beautiful beachy sunset over the intercoastal waterway. 

The Matanzas Inlet is also near area attractions such as Marineland, the beautiful Washington Oaks State Park, and multiple ecotour offerings.

The Matanzas Inlet is a perfect place to paddle, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you are missing out if you haven’t taken your board out to the inlet, yet. With beautiful views, calm waters, and easy access all providing for a great paddling experience, the Matanzas Inlet is a must for paddleboarding lovers. Rent a convenient inflatable board here for as low as $80. This rental includes a premium 2022 inflatable paddle board, with a leash, removable fin, lightweight paddle, and an inflation pump. See you on the water!

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