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Thanks for stopping by to visit A1A SUP - a paddleboard rental and sales company in the St. Augustine, FL area. We are locally-owned and family run and can't wait to help you enjoy the #paddleboardlife! Here is our story...

"Oh my God, did you just fall before me?” I asked Mike after his spill into the water just off the shores of Jamaica.

And that was our first time on a paddle board!

I surprised myself that I, one, did not fall once and two, just how much we really enjoyed paddleboarding!

Mike and I both returned home to the Kansas City area, from our vacation and I immediately began looking into paddle board rentals in the area but did not find a lot of options. It bummed me out a lot. However, it had always remained at the back of my mind as something I enjoyed doing but had very little opportunity to indulge in something I’d only truly heard about in celebrity magazines.

Then we moved to St. Augustine, Florida in December of 2020. We wanted a new life, away from the blustery winters of the midwest now that our children were finished with high school and there was nothing left keeping us in KC.

And what did my wandering eyes take in as I look upon the coastlines of northeast Florida?

You guessed it- Paddle boards!

I was so excited to see so many people enjoying something we only dreamed of being a part of. I looked at Mike and smiled then said, “I want a paddle board.”

We started looking into paddle board rental, so we could dip our toes in the water, but quickly felt very overwhelmed with the many models, sizes, and construction types out there. So many factors to consider when buying a paddle board. Factors such as:

  • Weight Capacity
  • Rigid vs Inflatable 
  • Warranties
  • Length
  • Accessories
  • The list goes on...

It didn't matter if we spoke to big box stores, local marine shops, and even the surf shops. They all said the same thing - "buy ours, it's better."

It was a whirlwind of confusion based on the lack of information out there to help people like us make a decision on what seemed like a very simple choice for paddle board rental or paddle board sales.

And that is what led us to start A1A SUP to help others, like us, discover and enjoy paddle boarding.

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