Vilano Beach Paddle Board Rental

Visiting Vilano Beach and looking to take advantage of the sun, the sand, and the water? A Vilano Beach paddle board rental is a great way to enjoy the environment and explore one of Florida’s most beautiful coasts! Rent a convenient, premium inflatable paddle board here. With free delivery and pickup, inflatable boards are extremely portable, easy to handle, and effortless to ride.

Paddleboarding is easy to pick up and very beginner-friendly! Regardless of your skill-level, there are many ways to get the most out of a paddle board rental here in Vilano Beach, Florida.

If you have plenty of experience with a paddle, you can try taking your board out past the break and enjoying the ocean on an SUP. On a calm day, this can be a great way to get out on the water. Vilano Beach is directly adjacent to the Saint Augustine Inlet, which is closer to a bay in size! The inlet is typically less choppy than the ocean waves and can be a great spot to get out and paddle board.

Just on the other side of A1A opposite Vilano Beach, you will find the Tolomato River. The Tolomato River runs from the Guana River and Estuary all the way south to the Saint Augustine Inlet as a part of Florida’s beautiful intercoastal waterway. The intercoastal is absolutely ideal for paddleboarding. With beautiful views, calm waters, and easy access all providing for a great paddling experience. 

Vilano Beach Paddle Board Rental

Renting an inflatable paddle board is a fantastic way to get out on the intercoastal. The Vilano Boat Ramp is just one of the many places in Vilano to pull off the side of the road and launch into the water. As far as exploring Vilano by water goes, few things are easier than parking the car by the ramp, unloading and pumping up your conveniently packed paddle board, and getting out on the water. It should take no longer than 10 minutes, even for a beginner!

If you end up paddleboarding on the intercoastal in Vilano, you can paddle under the imposing Vilano Bridge and enjoy the sites of Nease Beachfront Park from the water. Vilano hosts some ornate architecture and large beach homes to gawk at, and the views of wildlife and the historic Old Town Saint Augustine simply cannot be beat. Vilano is a great place to watch the sunrise over the ocean before getting on the paddle board early in the morning to beat the heat. Or, spend an afternoon on the water and enjoy watching a beautiful beachy sunset over the intercoastal waterway. 

Some visitors start their day on Vilano beach, then paddle board across the intercoastal to spend the day in Downtown Saint Augustine before paddling back to Vilano in time to see the sunset over the Tolomato or Matanzas Rivers. Another great feature of Vilano Beach is its proximity to other beach options like Surfside Beach and North Beach Park. Both of these beaches are typically less crowded than Vilano and are still extremely convenient for unloading and pumping up your inflatable paddle board before hitting the water.

Vilano Beach is a perfect place to paddle, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you are missing out if you haven’t taken your board out to the Vilano area, yet. Rent a convenient inflatable board here for as low as $80. This rental includes a premium 2022 inflatable paddle board, with a leash, removable fin, lightweight paddle, and an inflation pump. See you on the water!

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