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12' Americano Rigid Board

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Go the distance with the 12’0 Americana.

A lightweight, hydrodynamic board that maximizes every stroke you take.

This touring shape is built for speed. It’s the perfect choice for experienced riders interested in competitive and endurance paddling or long-distance rides.

Our brand ambassadors put more miles on this board than on their commute to work.

Thermal Tech ConstructionABS impact-resistant shell

Skill Level - Beginner

Rider Weight - 80 to 285 lbs


  • Trapper bungee system
  • GORETEX vent valve
  • 360 diamond EVA traction pod
  • Lockable handle
  • Animal handle
  • Single touring fin

Where to Ride:

  • Oceans
  • Harbors
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Touring

Board Weight - 28 lbs.