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Battle Fish

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Board Length

We paddle out with the Battle Fish to spend time in the green room.

This shortboard's swallow tail and quad fin setup help us shoot through barrels and cutback on a dime, while its greater volume and rounded nose reduce chatter and help us stay in control on heavies.

Board Lenght & Weight Availability:

  • 5'10" x 2.8" x 20" / 9 lbs
  • 6'0" x 2.9" x 20.5" / 9.25 lbs

The Batte Fish includes:

Versatile ShapeGreat daily driver with a versatile shape. Generous volume switches your wave catching ability into easy mode. The swallowtail makes for a responsive feel while maneuvering the face of the wave.

Epoxy ConstructionDurable construction provides more lift, prevents chips over multiple seasons, and improves UV resistance for continued vibrance.

Versatile Fin SystemQuads (4+1) allow you to adjust your fins to dial in speed, thrust, and maneuverability. World champions use this removable system to make adjustments on the go.