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PopUp Dock 8'x7'

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Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Owning your island has now become affordable. The POPUP Dock, "The Party Barge," is a must! This multi-use platform is an excellent addition to anyone's boat or yacht, from relaxing to raging. Made with the same technology used in our award-winning paddleboards, this product is designed to add a more social environment to your day on the water.


  • Inflatable Dock
  • Dual-Action & Reversible Hand Pump
  • Handsfree Carrying Strap
  • Wide Grip Carrying Handles
  • 14 Stainless Steel D-Rings on Sides
  • Bottom Beer Pong Cup Template

Dimensions: 8' X 7' X 8″

Weight: 49 LBS

You'll love your board's construction! Check out these details:

  • AIR RIDE Construction - Made with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers, with a double-layer, double-wall construction, this inflatable dock is the most rigid and durable available today.
  • 7 PSI - Our docks and planks are best when pumped between 5 and 7 PSI to provide a stiff surface for relaxation or any level of horseplay.
  • Party Mode - Once you're done relaxing, turn the dock or plank over for a slip-in-slide or turn it into Party Mode by playing your favorite game!
  • Package Deal - Receive a dual-action hand pump with a reverse deflation setting and PSI gauge as well as an external carrying strap to allow the dock and plank to breathe while carrying.