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PopUP Paddleboard - Green & Black

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Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Are you looking for a new way to get out on the water and explore? Then you need the PopUp Paddleboard! This lightweight inflatable stand-up paddleboard is perfect for taking on all sorts of adventures, from ocean swells to deep canyon rivers. The best part is that it can pump up to 15 PSI, so you don't have to worry about damaging your board or your boat. Made from the same material as high-grade inflatable boats, the PopUp Paddleboard comes with a travel backpack, pump, fin, and an adjustable paddle. So what are you waiting for? Your compact adventure awaits!

Dimensions: 11'0″ X 32″ X 6″

Weight: 26 LBS

You'll love your board's construction! Check out these details:

  • Multi-Stage Quality Control - Each individual layer is pressure tested for 24 hours before advancing to the next production stage to ensure an impermeable seal on all layers.
  • Perfect Shape - Precise laser measurements quality control the boards for proper rocker and evenness.
  • Supreme Rigidity - Constructed with the highest tensile strength drop-stitch fibers for supreme rigidity.
  • Extreme Durability - Reinforced with maximum denier, Military Grade PVC for extreme durability.

This amazing board kit includes the following: 

  • Wheeled Bag - The carrying backpack includes hip straps for hiking into the backcountry, built-in rugged wheels for convenient transportation on roads and groomed trails, corrosion-resistant zippers, and a heavy-duty fabric strong enough to take a beating from a grumpy, airline baggage handler.
  • Adjustable 3pc Collapsible Paddle - Our paddle is designed for all-around use and can be adjusted to the rider's height or preferred paddling style. The paddle collapses into three pieces to fit conveniently into the carrying bag. Additionally, our paddle is insulated with foam to ensure that the paddle floats on all bodies of water.
  • Dual Action & Reversible Pump - Board will inflate to 15PSI within 5-7 minutes in dual action mode, by pumping air into the board in both the upward and downward motion of the pump. Additionally, the pump can be switched into a single-action mode to enable easier pumping at higher pressure.
  • Universal Single Fin - The single fin provides excellent glide, control & stability without the additional drag caused by side fins. Our single fin is removable for more convenient storage and use in rivers, and interchangeable so that riders can customize fin size/style to their personal preference.