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PopUp Plank 8' X 3'

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Your Next Adventure Awaits!

The POPUP Plank might be half the size of our POPUP Dock, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own. Challenge your yoga and fitness sessions by staying completely dry. The plank is very versatile, from working out or simply having a fun day at the pool. You’ll enjoy both sides of our POPUP Plank!


  • Inflatable Plank
  • Dual-Action & Reversible Hand Pump
  • Handsfree Carrying Strap
  • Wide Carrying Handles
  • Four Exercise Loop Handles
  • 6 Stainless Steel D-Rings on Sides
  • Bottom Beer Pong Cup Template

    Dimensions: 8' X 3' X 6″

    Weight: 22 LBS

    You'll love your board's construction! Check out these details:

    • AIR RIDE Construction - Made with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers, with a double-layer, double-wall construction, this inflatable dock is the most rigid and durable available today.
    • 7 PSI - Our docks and planks are best when pumped between 5 and 7 PSI to provide a stiff surface for relaxation or any level of horseplay.
    • Party Mode - Once you're done relaxing, turn the dock or plank over for a slip-in-slide or turn it into Party Mode by playing your favorite game!
    • Package Deal - Receive a dual-action hand pump with a reverse deflation setting and PSI gauge as well as an external carrying strap to allow the dock and plank to breathe while carrying.